BMine Events

Meet the team

BMine.Events was born from the idea to connect people around the world. We focus on creating unique experiences, tailored to your specific needs and budget. We primarily focus on weddings but we also do corporate events and special requests.

We work closely with our local team of suppliers and will help you with your dream wedding. We know that there is no one-solution fits all in the wedding and events space and we will partner with you to realize your vision. We are always traveling and researching to keep up with the latest trends and ideas and we will provide you with recommendations within your budget.

Our team is multi-national and able to communicate with you in English, Spanish, French, and German to help design your happiest day.



has over ten years of experience in the luxury hotel industry all over the world specializing in weddings and events. Having worked in Mallorca for over four years, she knows the island inside and out. She will make sure that you have the right venue within your budget for your event. She will tailor make your wedding with special attention to all necessary details.



+ How do we work?

BMine Events will personalize your wedding the moment you engage with us. After receiving your request, we will start by setting up a call with you to really understand your needs, preferences and wishes and also to get to know you a little bit better. Next, if we decide to move forward, we will start looking for venues and will continue sending you properties that we believe could work for you. We then assist you by turning your ideas and preferences into recommendations for all aspects of your wedding.

+ Do I have to fly to Mallorca before the wedding?

A lot of times, couples fly to Mallorca to visit their top venue choices before making a decision. This step is entirely optional and depending on your flexibility and schedule. Some of our couples don't visit Mallorca until the time of their event.

+ When should we start the venue search?

As soon as you’ve decided to get married. The venue search can be very time consuming and a lot of the available options will depend on your budget, the amount of guests and your preferences. Once you reach out to us, we will guide you with your venue search and provide recommendations to fit your wishes.

+ When is the best time to get married in Mallorca?

Most of our weddings happen between May and October, especially in the summer months between June and September. We recommend planning a year or more ahead if you are considering one of these months. Also, keep in mind that temperatures can get very hot during the summer and we would also recommend starting late-afternoon from 16:00 onwards. Most of the couples are getting married Friday, Saturday or Sunday but if you are open to get married during the week, you will have more flexibility with the availaible dates.

+ Can we get legally married in Mallorca if we are not residents of Spain?

There are two options to get legally married in Spain. You or your partner (only one of you) either will have to be a resident in Spain for a minimum of 6 months. Another option is a Catholic wedding if you or your partner are Catholic and looking to get married in a Catholic church. This is permitted even if you're non-residents and it’s legal. In your home country you will have to contact your home parish and send all the documents required to the Church selected in Spain. As part of our service, we are happy to guide you through all the necessary steps required.

A few days after your wedding you will have to register your union with the town council of the city where you had the Church ceremony in Spain.

Alternatively, you can have a small civil marriage in your country before flying out to Mallorca and having a blessing ceremony. This ceremony is our most popular as it allows you to totally personalize the service and vows to suit your style plus it can take place anywhere you wish.

+ What kind of venues can we find on the island?

Mallorca offers many types of venues. The most popular are fincas, beach clubs, private villas and luxury hotels. Fincas are great for couples who are looking for a traditional Mallorcan estate in the countryside. Beach Clubs offer impressive views to the ocean and a modern ambience. Luxury hotels offer on-site accommodations and a resort type setting. Private Villas are a compromise between fincas and hotels as they offer accommodations in a beautiful estate that also allows weddings.

+ What are the benefits of having a wedding planner?

The wedding planner takes away the stress of having to organize your big day. BMine Events is not another wedding planning service, it was born from the idea to connect people around the world to create happiness by providing the best in class of luxury event management by being your full service wedding concierge team and focusing on creating unique experiences, tailored to your needs.

We really want to take the worry and stress of your wedding away by helping you with our recommendations that come from years of experience and incorporating your personal ideas, thoughts and wishes to make your wedding, truly yours.

At BMine Events, we use technology to our advantage and will communicate with our clients via their preferred way, such as WhatsApp, Google Hangout, FaceTime, Skype or similar. Our teams are connected in multiple time zones and you can expect a response within a short period of time. We also have an in-house technical team that can assist you with your custom build website and all other digital needs.

+ How long have you been in the business?

Our team has over 10 years of industry experience by planning everything from weddings, large corporate events to luxury vacations.